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Jonathan Hill


Jon has over eighteen years of experience in the design, investigation, and construction contract administration of building enclosure and facade systems for major commercial, healthcare, educational, and residential buildings. He has overseen major projects in the USA and in New Zealand that have encompassed waterproofing consulting (including roofs, plaza areas, and below-grade spaces), as well as the design and evaluation of facade and building enclosure components, both standard and customised.

Over the last eight years, his focus has been on the New Zealand industry, working to introduce methodology and resources proven in similar environments, including seismic-prone California (USA). Committed to using innovative methods to solve problems, Jon focuses on integrating the design, performance analysis, fabrication, and construction of building enclosures. He applies his focus on performance-based design to projects all types including investigation, remediation, or new design.

Along with continuing his comittment to KEL's New Zealand clients and partners, Jon is currently residing in the USA to facilitate KEL's strategic goals of expanding our expertise, technical resources, and portfolio internationally so KEL can continue to develop as an industry leader while providing exciting and challenging opportunities for our staff.



  • The Pennsylvania State University, Stage College, PA – B.A.E. in Architectural Engineering – Structures Focus


  • Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng - NZ)

  • Professional Engineer (P.E. – C.A., USA)

  • Chartered Member - Engineering New Zealand (CMEngNZ)

  • Auckland Council Producer Statement Registrar; Author ID No. 3558 (Building Envelopes)

  • Building Enclosure Council New Zealand (BECNZ) – Board Member

  • American Society of Civil Engineers – Member

  • American Society for Testing and Materials – Member

  • Glass Association of North America – Member

Jonathan Hill
If the roof doesn’t leak, the architect hasn’t been creative enough.

Frank Lloyd Wright

We challenge ourselves each day to deliver performance without compromising innovation.


Suite 15.3, 1 Albert Street,
CBD, Auckland, 1010

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