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Innovative facades can transform buildings into landmarks, but they are not only an aesthetic consideration. Facade design and investigation requires an in-depth understanding of materials, the environment, building movements, durability and sustainability, and construction methodology.


KEL assists project teams through the consent process by performing design, design reviews, and construction reviews of new and existing buildings, while also preparing producer statements to document compliance with the New Zealand Building Code and specific project requirements.

Through a collaborative and integrated approach, we use our international expertise to promote an information-based design process. We help the project team select appropriate facade systems and materials and integrate them with adjacent enclosure systems to maintain performance throughout the service life of the building. Our engineers are creative problem solvers. They research and educate themselves to build on the knowledge they already obtain to provide the best outcomes for our clients. 



Facades are not the only part of the building envelope that require expert attention. Other building enclosure systems such as plaza/terrace waterproofing, balcony deck waterproofing, vegetative roofs, exposed membrane roofs, and clad roofs must also be designed when providing an integrated building envelope.  KEL offers a level of expertise on these often overlooked assemblies beyond what is conventionally provided by traditional facade engineers. 

Our understanding of international suppliers, material formulations, and product performance history allow us to evaluate individual components and determine how they will perform and interact with adjacent materials.  By focusing on material properties and performance, and using an information-based collaboration process, we help the project team work through all phases of a project.

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It is possible to have a dry basement in New Zealand. The majority of expert attention is given to the facade assemblies, and Owners / Project Teams resign themselves to accepting a leaky basement or choosing a wet-wall approach rather than relying on an dedicated tanking membrane or DPM to create a dry space. Over the last several years, more and more durable and reliable tanking membranes are making their way to New Zealand.


KEL offers a unique expertise and ability to fully design and detail, or peer review, the basement tanking systems that are needed to produce dry and habitable basements.


Building physics is an essential part of understanding how building envelopes interact with the environment and internal conditions.  While New Zealand is relatively temperate, micro-climates and often humid conditions introduce challenges to deliver truly healthy living spaces.  The presence of internal moisture, vapour drive, and inconsistent levels of ventilation increase the risk of condensation and biologically grown within the building envelope. 

Over the last few years, the New Zealand AEC (industry) is further understanding the risk associated with traditional design strategies, and are looking for better ways to deliver energy-efficient and healthy built environments.  KEL has the ability to utilise reliable analysis tools, such as WUFI, Flixo and THERM, to help project teams evaluate insulation and ventilation strategies.  The results are thermally efficient assemblies that minimise the risks that internal moisture can bring. 



KEL has the resources to perform standardised tests on new materials, investigate failures, and find solutions for our clients. Our testing services support a wide variety of projects that require industry recognised, or specially tailored field-testing methods executed by trained and experienced staff.


Whether testing is needed to understand new product performance, validate mock-up prototypes, quality control test installed materials, or investigate failures, qualified water testing is essential to determining field performance of facade and building enclosure systems. 



As the construction industry continues to grow in New Zealand, more and more overseas products are finding their place in the local market. International suppliers looking to compete with local New Zealand manufacturers must prove they can provide economical, durable, and weathertight products that are compliant with New Zealand codes and standards.


Using our extensive experience with domestic standards (AS/NZS) and international standards (e.g. ASTM, AAMA, EN, etc.), KEL offers product assessments to provide suppliers with the engineering evaluations needed to bring in new building envelope components.


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